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SPUR Weekly Update!

Updated October 8, 2002

Renovations are underway! Check back every Wednesday for an update on the construction along with progress photos! Previous weeks' photos and updates are included as part of the SPUR photo diary. The full diary will be available on CD at the end of the project.

Check out the new historic artifact section in the diary that highlights some of the historic elements uncovered during the construction. Our very own urban archaeology project.

My apologies for not captioning pictures. If you have trouble identifying what the picture shows, the picture file names are fairly descriptive.

What's happened this past week

Not much. Still waiting for subs to prepare materials, though we now have a bit of a schedule (see below). Some work has happened liek putting the message board back up in the phone hall, replacing the rollers on the sliding door to the dining room and other small things like that.

What's happening this coming week

Here's an approximate schedule for upcoming work as of this past week:
  • Men's and Women's head vanities: 2-4 weeks from shop drawing approval (which should be soon)
  • Dining room cabinets & kitchenette: 2-4 weeks from shop drawing approval (which should be soon)
  • Remaining counter/pot rack for kitchen: Wednesday
  • Guest head: week of 10/18 (except millwork)
  • Moving the exhaust fan in dorm (this will be mostly exterior work): 1-2 weeks.
  • Porch railings: ??? (Was supposed to be this week, but obviously wasn't...)
  • New front dorm windows: ???
  • New front door: ???
  • Roof over exterior pit stairwell: Starting next week.
  • Moulding and finish interior painting: Soon, waiting on finding appropriate trim.
  • Storm windows: 2-3 weeks.
  • Emergency light in pit proper: next week
  • Removal of oil tank/gas conversion: ?? But should be in the next couple of weeks.

Pictures from this past week

None, sorry.

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